How it Works?

We scan all US listed companies

FinState introduces advanced technological solutions to the world of financial research. Our algorithms and user friendly workstation saves your time and lets you access all the information within seconds.

We scan all reports on EDGAR every 5 minutes, load and analyse data by all US traded companies. No reason to wait for your financial platform to type in the numbers - everything is online, ready for your model.

Following smaller cap companies? Even better - we don't separate big from small - all data is loaded instantaneously. All numbers are ready for you within minutes, even for companies with a few millions in market cap.

Our big data algorithm crunches the numbers

We believe it's impossible to rely on the basic tables to achieve good understanding of the company's business and a deeper research is required. FinState takes all numerical data from all report tables and let's you dive into the details with 3 tables at a time, excel export, history for every item, advanced search and much more - all to save your time.

You get convenient access to all data

Convenience and speed - we're all looking for it, especially with the tools we use on a daily basis. 3 clicks will get you all segments the company reported, the most significant changes, restatements, tables or rows that were removed or introduced.

Want to follow specific companies and even specific data items? No problem - mark the data you want to track and we'll send you an email notification whenever new reports are available, with your data exported to excel!

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