What we offer?

Full data access

When you analyse a report you know how to find the information you need, the only requirement is a convenient access to data.
We're scanning reports and make all tables available for you so you don't miss any piece of information. Every table also has a link to its source so you can find the context of the data as well.

Deep data analysis

The deeper you dive into the numbers the better the quality of your analysys. Every data point is linked to a historical performance graph and gives a warning if restatements occured.

Want to zoom into the numbers?
We find and mark tables that give you segmented information so you can understand the business better.

Out of the box insights

Never miss important report details again! We're highlighting key changes and differences in reports, including drastic performance shifts, table structure, financial ratios etc.
Misleading reports are now much easier to understand and analyze!

Smooth integration

Every table and graph can be easily exported to excel. Your model includes data from several tables? No problem! Mark the relevant fields and we'll send you the exported numbers immediately when a new report is published!

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