Instant Availability

All numeric data from 10-K, 10-Q and 20-F reports is available on FinState within 10 minutes of being published on EDGAR

Easy Access

Flexible layout enables a quick and efficient report review, with deep links to the original filing

Report Highlights

FinState automatically highlights significant changes in the company's performance

Customized View

Follow specific companies and data items, compare tables and past data

What We Offer

FinState is a platform for rapidly and easily
analyzing financial statements

Full data access

Browse and search within all reported tables

Deep data analysis

Drill down into the numbers with related tables and historical timelines

Out of the box insights

We find the most dramatic changes in performance and report structure for you

Integrate with your model

Choose and export the information you want to follow

How it works:

We will be happy to hear comments and observations!